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Tattoo Needs / Hustle Butter Deluxe 150g

Hustle Butter Deluxe 150g

20.00 CHF Inkl. MWST

Hustle Butter Deluxe 5 oz


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10-23 22.00 CHF
24+ 20.00 CHF


Hustle Butter Deluxe from Richie Bulldog is a 100 % natural, organic and vegan product. It can be used before, during and after tattooing. Hustle Butter can be used to prepare skin before, as a tattoo lubricant during and as aftercare subsequent to the tattoo process. Made from mango, coconut, papaya and other shea butters, it brings tremendous amounts of benefits:

– It will not remove stencils
– No clogged tubes or needles
– No worn, broken down gloves
– Promotes healing upon contact
– Minimizing redness, swelling and bleeding

Skin remains workable, no more over worked highlights, yellows and whites go in the first time. Color has never gone in so easily!

Volume: 5 oz (approx. 150 grams)

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